Alpha Sigma Alpha Chapter at De Anza College presents the 2013-2014 College Project, titled Project PHREE, the Promotion of Human Rights Education and Empowerment. Through the collaboration of administration and the officer team, we generated a discussion of ideas that illustrate the concept of education for Democracy, building upon the idea of a long-term reflective project, Project PHREE. Project PHREE places an emphasis on applying the importance of human rights not just when they are violated, but in everyday life. We aim at creating a space that promotes education and dialogue of human rights, placing an emphasis on finding its individual relevance.

Each quarter contains a Human Rights Campaign Week. This consists of a message board in which students and faculty are welcome to put their own idea of what Human Rights means. The space allows people to contemplate their own voice and reflect on others’ thoughts as well. Human Rights Campaign Week also includes a workshop with local Human Rights Advocates who will introduce participants to local, national, and/or international issues.

While each quarter includes a campaign week and workshop, there will be a different emphasis each quarter: Awareness, Education, and Empowerment and Action. In Fall Quarter, the focus point is awareness and we aim to start the conversation: “What does human rights mean to you?We plan to compile different voices and perspectives together in a video titled PHREE Voices. During the Winter Quarter, Project PHREE concentrates on education with a PHREE Exhibition. We will provide an area for students and staff to showcase a medium that expresses human rights. Not only does this create a space of reflection, it brings together individual pieces in a communal ground. During Spring Quarter, a PHREE Performance will take place, connecting the year-long conversation by presenting the PHREE Voices video, gathering previous art mediums, and inviting high schools performers that participated in The World As It Could Be Human Rights Education Program of The Rex Foundation. This emphasizes the conversation of human rights not just through dialogue, but through creative and innovative forms.

Through these various activities, we hope the creation of a public, collaborative space to find personal relevance aids one’s voice, perspective, and engagement in Human Rights. By providing a medium in which people self reflect and bring its significance back to their communities, Project PHREE is a catalyst for Action.