The purpose of these certificates is to increase motivation of Alpha Sigma Alpha members to attend the chapter's regularly-scheduled meetings, participate in on- and off-campus activities, and foster a better learning environment within the society. Therefore, this program will allow us to encourage stronger membership support in organizing events and raise the awareness of the chapter at De Anza College.


In compliance with Chapter Bylaws, every Alpha Sigma Alpha member enrolled in at least three units at De Anza College will have the opportunity to participate in the Membership Achievement Program (MAP) with our Chapter by attending meetings and participating in Phi Theta Kappa activities. MAP has four different levels based on the involvement of the member. The four levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Membership. Upon achievement of each level, members will be rewarded and an official certificate for the level will be issued. Each event that a member can attend will be assigned participation points which the member can use to complete different levels. Participation points accumulation begins after you attend your Induction Ceremony or your first Phi Theta Kappa meeting if you have missed the Induction Ceremony and you have one calendar year to reach Platinum Level.

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